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JP Beauty is a beauty boutique and spa with a different focus, where we offer a series of innovative therapies to keep the skin perfect in your day to day.

Our main objective is to offer you’re a high level and excellent service. To achieve, we have the best products in the dermotricological sector and highly qualified Dermotricology professionals.

We use the products of Laboratories Kapyderm, which is known around the word for its magnificent result. Highlighting therapies for acne, psoriasis, dermatitis, varicose veins, etc.

Thanks to our extensive training, we offer treatments specially designed to respond to the needs of each person.

A range of technical products, with an important level of efficacy and therapeutic action, make possible amazing results. The large number of natural components and balanced formulas make it possible to perform personalized therapies for each anomaly of each patient, as we know each skin is different.


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